I Will Not Be Broken

I Will Not Be Broken

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Oil and Ink on Canvas, 31 H x 39 W in

The painting depicts Maria, a poor young dancer from rural Cauquenes, Chile, that endured a terrifying experience on March 27, 2010, at 3:30 a.m. in her humble adobe house at the epicenter of the 8.8 earthquake. For two months she had to face the struggle of survival in the rubble of the cataclysm’s aftermath. The sharp creasing and loud noise of the cracking walls would forever remain imprinted in our minds.

She swore to assume control of her life and moved alone to urban Santiago (population 5,000,000) in June 2010 in search of making it as a professional dancer. 

Maria is a survivor. In 2017 she fights new obstacles in her life by training in her tiny downtown loft as she imagines the reinforced concrete walls around her are the curtains of the performing arts theater. These walls are old, unpainted and cracked - an echo of the cataclysm that brought her there. The wolf-like shadows (figures) assaulting her from both sides are the interpretation of the phobias she had in her youth now representing the sexual harassment and other challenges she faces in her adult life.

Maria is portrayed in a dance pose that shows great skill and equilibrium. With it, she controls the shadows and cracks around her. Her otherwise naked and vulnerable body becomes powerful. Her rigorous training schedule and concentration, represented by the notches carved into the wall at the lower right, has elevated her into a powerful being beyond anything she imagined.