Currently Working on the "Who Are We" Experience

Cristian Petschen Fine Art

Cristian Petschen is an architect, designer, artist, and inventor with over 400 built projects and numerous international awards. He holds an architecture and fine arts degree from the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD).  He is currently bringing his talents together for the "Who Are We" Experience art installation (with some works exhibited here) by crafting a unique experience that combines space, light, sculpture, painting, and sound. It will debut and tour in 2021.


Born in Chile in 1972 amidst political and social turmoil, he was catapulted into a nomadic way of life after the military coup of 1973,  moving 14 times from 10 cities in 6 countries. This has afforded him the unique perspective of always being an "outsider on the inside." Cristian believes we often are so confined, socialized, manipulated, and influenced by the culture that surrounds us that we fail to connect with each other, nature, and ourselves. For this reason, he intimately explores subjects and reveals through his work a world that is both beautiful and dangerous.


It is impossible to gain the perspective needed to gauge our current reality without the ability to step outside us. When we do, we see clearly. As an artist, Cristian is compelled to make this happen by increasing the tension between illusion and truth until it breaks. Perhaps if we can transcend to the point where the subjective perception of time, space, and self completely disappear, we can see the truth.

At a time rife with racial tensions, economic inequities, and polarizing politics, Cristian has felt the need to dig deeper, explore our essence, and the effect we have on the world around us. Through his intimate approach and unique perspective, he reveals a world full of beauty and risk where the viewer is confronted by brave beings that provide signs and insights into their reality, compel us to look inward, and connect with each other.